Malton Stables Open Day

A very warm welcome – if this is your first visit to the Malton Stables Open Day.  For those of you who are paying a repeat visit, thank you for returning  and reinforcing your support on our special day of celebrating racing, racehorses and Malton’s significant contribution to the racing industry, all in the name of charity.
The good news is, whichever category of guest you are, quite simply you are spoilt for choice. A host of stables will be flinging open their doors to allow you to look and listen, to probe and wander, to meet trainers, jockeys and stable staff, and to take full advantage of being able to go behind the scenes of some of the best-known yards in Britain, let alone in Yorkshire.
Peruse the brochure available to buy at any yard, and you’ll discover timings at certain stables for displays and demonstrations by farriers, equine dentists, vets and saddlers, to name just four of the committed professions locally represented here today.

Malton and horse racing go together like a famous double-act. It’s been that way for centuries. We are proud of the tradition and heritage of the sport within our boundaries and even more proud that in 2014 our highly skilled and dedicated racing fraternity continue to keep Malton firmly on the racing map by sending out hundreds of winners each year.

What you will discover during the course of your travels is that lots of the yards you can visit are not in Malton at all – Richard Fahey is the exception – but are situated in Norton, the twin town, on the other side of the River Derwent and the York to Scarborough railway line. That little nugget of information will not, hopefully, be the only thing you learn today.
There is much to see.

A heartfelt thank-you goes out to all our sponsors, supporters and helpers, particularly trainers and stable staff for their major input.
And, of course, we thank you most sincerely for your attendance and hope you all enjoy a special day in what we regard as a special place, where horses come first – in more ways than one..

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